Tapoban Meditation Center, Kathmandu Nepal

By Ma Prem Archana (Stacia)

Nepal is a very special place, not only for Mt. Everest; there are many more reasons. Like Buddha many of the great masters have come from the Himalayas in Nepal. If you have ever been there you will know the very special energy it has there. So very still, one can taste a drop of the nectar of enlightenment just from being there.

I have a very special relationship Tapoban, with Swami Arun and with Osho. They are my dearest oldest family. I’m not sure where I would be if it were not for them. When Anamargaret asked me to write something about my personal relationship with Nepal and with Tapoban I thought it would be so easy, but its difficult to put into exact words the depth of my love for this center, for Swamiji, for the beautiful people of Nepal and its place in my heart. Continue reading


It’s Pitta-time in Florida

By Thamer Bhavani Azule-Wright


According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, the summer season is considered Pitta time! For those living in warmer climates not experiencing all the seasonal changes, it seems that summer arrives earlier. With this said, in order to maintain our healthy balance, we need to make some quick dietary and yoga practice changes, hopefully right after your big Spring cleanse. Continue reading

Love Yourself – Oil Yourself: Ayurveda’s Abhyanga


Oil massage or abhyanga in Sanskrit, means anointing the whole body, anga with oil
Abhyanga should be part of your daily routine [Dinacharya].

In Ayurveda, skin as a sense organ, is used as a route to cure many diseases especially when other routes are not available. It has ability to allow penetration all the way to the tissues of the body. Skin is constantly exposed to the drying effects of air, wind and sun. Oil being heavy, smooth, lubricating and stable, has all the properties to negate drying effects of these elements and pacifies the Vata dosha. Vata is composed of Air and Space elements. Continue reading

Reduce Stress by Meditating

Meditation can help you melt away the stresses of life, and in the process offer you greater inner peace.

If stress and anxiety leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tense, or worried, then consider meditation. Spending a few minutes every day or when you feel overwhelmed can restore your calm and peace of mind.

Anyone can practice. It’s simple, inexpensive, and it doesn’t require any special equipment.

Continue reading

India, Para Yoga & a training

Hello, hello-  I’d like to share a few words about India and some upcoming classes and trainings I’ll be teaching.

India was fabulous and although I took planes, rode buses and saw two sunrises on my way there the journey was inward. It was challenging, fun, insightful, eye opening and so much more. It took me apart in the most beautiful way and I’m still in the process of reassembling.   Continue reading

Para Yoga Master Class

What:  Para Yoga Master Class
When: Sunday, 1/13/13
Time:  8:30-10:30am
Where:  Clean Start – 6901 Biscayne Blvd
Investment:  $25

Please join me this Sunday for a Para Yoga Master Class.
Our focus will be on the 3 essentials of Para Yoga:

Tejas: the force that makes you shine in your unique way.
Vinyasa Krama:  the steps to get you to that place.
Smarana:  remembering your true essence.

Why practice?

Lately I’ve been reflecting a lot on meditation practice.  What do I bring to it? What does it do for me?   Is practice just on my mat or can I bring it into my everyday life no matter how mundane or how extraordinary?  What I’ve come to realize is that with careful cultivation it can be in every moment.  I remember my dear teacher Yogarupa saying we don’t practice to reach something outside ourselves.  We practice to reach within, our innermost sanctuary where we can turn to at anytime.  The key is showing up for yourSelf.  

From experience I encourage my students to begin with a practice that is realistic.   Start with less, a few minutes a day and you will naturally begin to want more.  Be consistent, be brave, be ok with being alone.  What you’ll find is you’re not really alone.  It’s a sweet surprise. The divine is always there. Waiting for you without judgement only love.

I’ll share something I wrote in my journal recently:
You might not always need to practice but you better practice for when you need it.

If you need some suggestions on how to begin please feel free to contact me.

Love & Om’s,